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The real secrets of building a $1,000,000+ business on YouTube.  Instructed by TechLead (800K+ subscribers).



What is YouTube Backstage?

[ November 2020] Hi, welcome! Backstage is a NEW learning community for all of the behind-the-scenes strategies of a YouTube business.  My name is TechLead (Patrick Shyu), and I've been "lucky" to have built a successful 7-figure YouTube channel (techlead). I don't believe in "luck" - I believe this success can be replicated (with some work and determination of course).

As an ex-Google/ex-Facebook engineer, I'll teach you not only how I grew a popular YouTube channel, but how I turned it into a real business.  Join our community of fellow YouTubers in this journey.










Learn to build an online business.

This is about more than just YouTube - it's about building businesses.

I've wanted to create this program for a long time, because my best advice is: 

"Do what I do."

I will show you exactly how.

Over the past few years, I've been fully-immersed in the the social-media industry.  I've learned a lot about growing a YouTube channel and turning it into a career.

I believe I can save you much time & effort. I'm sharing everything I know. Nothing held back.  If you have a question, just ask in our group.

Learn YouTube growth strategies & secrets


I'll explain exactly how I achieved 50,000,000+ views by creating popular viral videos utilizing smart techniques that anyone can replicate.  You'll gain all of my insights on how to "go viral."

I've created over 10 viral videos, each with over 1,000,000 views.  You'll learn all of my insights on marketing & growth, as well as from our community.

You wanted a side-hustle?  Passive income? This is it.

The fact is, YouTubers are entrepreneurs, and running a YouTube channel is more like running a business.  This is how online business is done today. Influence is a key pillar of success in the digital age. 

You wanted to escape the 9-to-5?

You wanted to live life on your terms?

This is one of the best opportunities right now.



50+ Video Sessions

Over 5 hours of real strategic content on fundamentals, audio/video gear, tactics, monetization, editing, and business.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Gain access to a private Facebook community for continued support.

Top Instructor

"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there."  TechLead has achieved 50,000,000+ views on YouTube.

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Gain LIFETIME access to all current and future content.

What is YouTube Backstage?

Learn how I built a popular YouTube channel and 7-figure business.




(Over 50+ Episodes, 5+ Hours)

+ Access to private Facebook community on YouTube growth & business.

- Welcome to YouTube Backstage
- How I got started on YouTube

- How much money can you make on YouTube?
- Is it too late to get started?
- The mindset for a successful YouTube career
- How much time will this take?
- How to choose a niche for success
- Finding your voice
- Coming up with popular video topic ideas
- Should you script your videos?
- Publishing a video for more views
- Why most YouTubers fail

Gear & Equipment
- Which audio microphone I recommend
- How to get perfect audio?
- Configuring audio gear
- How to get perfect image quality?
- How much to invest in gear?
- Does your backdrop matter?
- Photography crash course

Editing Videos
- How I edit my videos
- Sample editing workflow
- Getting started with Premiere Pro
- Tips for B-roll footage
- Should you hire an editor?

Growth Strategies
- Why genuinity is your secret weapon
- What genuinity is not
- The wild west of YouTube
- What is consistency and why it matters
- Why YouTube is not what you think it is
- Should you do collabs?
- How you make your content stronger
- What makes a video viral?
- Should you livestream?
- Should you upload daily?
- Strategizing on social media
- Analyzing analytics
- Dealing with haters
- How does the Algorithm work?
- YouTube channel optimizations
- Why subscribers aren't important
- Scaling out your YouTube business
- Understanding copyright on YouTube
- Pivoting content

Business & Monetization
- Monetization streams of income
- Additional monetization strategies
- How to set up a small business
- How to work with sponsors
- What's the deal with online courses?
- YouTube online marketing strategy
- Getting started with online courses
- Email marketing strategy
- Crash course in online courses

- Putting it all together
- Taking Action

(+ access to all future content...)

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